My name is Rosamund, I am a 30-something, mom of three, married to a wonderful and supportive husband of nearly 15 years.

I have been interested in the arts my entire life, from wanting to be a classically trained artist when I was very young to an ever evolving interest in ALL things artistic, be it fashion, interior design, architecture and photography. Eventually, I figured out that I can explore all facets of creativity without pinning it down to one thing. Blackwood & Briar combines my love of interior design, oddities, antiques, needlework and photography. No need to chose! And someday, someday I will be able to offer you tintype photography, that is my dream. 

Now that we got all the professional stuff out of the way, I'd love to share some other facts about myself. First and foremost, before you can ever say that you truly know me, you have to know my obsession with Autumn.

IMG_4896 copy.jpg
Like a magpie, I am a scavenger of shiny things: fairy tales, dead languages, weird folk beliefs, fascinating religions, and more.
— Laini Taylor, Lips Touch: Three Times

Autumn almost dictates my life. The holidays of Mabon, Samhain & Halloween (did I mention I'm Pagan?) are what I look forward to all year. There's something so enchanting and magical about Autumn; Trick-or-Treat, crimson leaves, the chill and spookiness of the season. I feel like it's too fleeting and that I'll never experience it enough, and often wonder how many more I'll see in my lifetime.

I've always been attracted to the dark half of the year (even though my sun sign is in the spring), for me personally, there's peace in the weird and creepy. And I guess that's what brings me here, to express that in my work.

  As for this page, it is going to be devoted to a beautiful and wide array of styles to inspire oddballs, weirdos, and those whom enjoy just a bit more eccentricity in their daily lives. Here you will find new interior design ideas, antiques, ghost hunts, and adventures that reflect a little bit of the darker side of life. Welcome and blessed be!